"Grateful Depression"

by Night Minutes

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”Grateful Depression” was written by Night Minutes during a couple of hot summer days and some dreadful fall ones. The year was 2010. Recorded in the same period of time at SI Sounds and also during a brief two-day stint at Lemon Recordings in January of 2011. ”Grateful Depression” was engineered by Martin Ekelund except for the parts recorded at SI Sounds where Night Minutes were responsible. Mastered by Shelby Cinca.


released August 1, 2011

Anna Knutsson - electric bass, electric guitar, juno 60 and vocals
Max J Hansson - electric guitar, drum machines, samples and vocals



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Night Minutes Sweden

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Track Name: Come Down Honey
When anything goes
We hourly cowardly
Praise our foes
When anything goes
We'd love for their
Throne to be overthrown

No surprise
From the lion's mouth
No surprise
From the liar's mouth

No reason for this treason
To be dumbing us down
Track Name: Purely Hated
I'll burn your panic skin
Your favourite second cross
And through thick and thin
There's no I in us

To drown you out is art
A gesture of contempt
Straight from the bigger heart
An epic monument

I leave out final words
A guide to misty eyes
One thing I can not curb
Are the miles of smiles

You can not tie your will to mine
It's just the sign of times
Track Name: Confusion Ecstasy
Yeah you won't stop crying
Yeah you won't stop trying

Kicked in doors that'd been open for years
No applause or joyful tears
Only a headache brought from illusions
Hello heartache, hello confusion

Declared war in a padded cell
It's in my name and I do it well
Ordinary life is gruesome
So say the details of my delusion

Migraine taken with a grain of salt
Track Name: Lay It To Rest
Tonight I lay it all to rest
Tonight I choose not to understand

Don't want to come back tomorrow
I want to combat real soon

Tonight I lay it all to waste
Tonight it's all about poor taste

Don't care for any good advice
Not the time to think about it twice
I'll be deaf to all your words
Track Name: Ode To The Rats
Meet me halfway Lord
I'm walking on water
Meet me halfway Lord
I'm slowly sinking

Ode to the gods and the games they play
Heart's in heaven faith is easily feigned

Ode to the rats and their infernal race
Depart from heaven there's no room for my rage